How Do You Word a Wedding Invitation?


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The wording of a wedding invitation is formal. It typically includes six major pieces of information: the name of the host, the names of the betrothed, the date of the wedding, the venue of the wedding, and the geographic location in which the wedding will take place.

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How Do You Word a Wedding Invitation?
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Most wedding invitations use a specific order in their wording. The first section always names the host, or hosts, of the wedding. This initial section has the most variability, since the identity of the host differs from wedding to wedding. The host is sometimes a parent, parents from both families, an entire family, or even the marrying parties themselves. The first section also serves as a formal request that the invitee attend the wedding.

Next, the invitation names the marrying parties and provides a date and time for the wedding. The date usually appears in its entirety, as does the time of day. Some invitations use numeric symbols, but this practice is less common.

Finally, the invitation lists the venue, and in a separate line, the city and state in which the wedding will take place. Optionally, some weddings include addresses and the location of a reception, if it’s in a separate location.

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