How Do You Word a Sand Ceremony for a Wedding?


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The wording of a sand ceremony should include what is happening and also emphasize the significance the ceremony has for the couple. These declarations are usually followed by vows or scripture, largely depending on the wedding type. A sand ceremony is a lovely option for a wedding that is based on the unity candle and involves layering colored sand to represent a couple's union. While some wedding sand ceremonies are silent or musical, most often the officiant speaks or reads.

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The wording of a wedding sand ceremony can be tailored to the needs and desires of each couple. The pair may be hosting a romantic, basic, group or religious wedding ceremony. The type of ceremony usually affects the language of the sand ceremony.

If children are included in this part of the nuptials, the reading may include an expression of their roles in the union as they participate in pouring sand. If it is a religious wedding, the sand ceremony typically includes scripture and Bible verses. The scripture may begin or end the ceremony. There are no rules to wording a wedding sand ceremony, as long as the guests know what is taking place and what the unity ceremony represents to its participants.

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