How Do You Word Invitations for a Retirement Party?


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A retirement party invitation needs an introduction stating who the party is for, the party date and time, along with the location of the party and any closing information, such as dress code or drink fees. If the employer is hosting the party, a line acknowledging them should be added as well. A retirement party is a big event in someone's career, and making it special starts with well-worded invitations that include all of the information needed for guests to attend the party.

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How Do You Word Invitations for a Retirement Party?
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  1. Create an introduction
  2. Draw the guests into the invitation with a short, but snappy introduction. The introduction should invite guests, and let them know the purpose for the party. Consider something like, "Help see the greatest salesman off to a golden retirement!"

  3. Provide the date and time
  4. Make sure to list the date and time of the party, so the guests will know when to show up. Also, take care to list whether the party is in the morning, afternoon or evening.

  5. List the location
  6. Put the venue address on the invitation after the date and time. If the party is somewhere other than the company offices, list the name of the venue so that guests can look it up ahead of time or print out directions.

  7. Give an appropriate closing
  8. Close out the invitation with a brief thanks, congratulations to the retiree or that the hosts are looking forward to seeing everyone at the party. If there are any other instructions for the guests, this is the place for them.

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