How Do You Word a Grand Opening Invitation?

word-grand-opening-invitation Credit: Jupiter Images/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A grand opening invitation should include the name of the organization opening, the time and location, and what is to be expected during the ceremony. Additional information such as RSVP blocks are optional but suggested.

A grand opening invitation should be professional and courteous, yet still friendly enough to draw in people's attention. This requires several writing elements organized into blocks, each one containing pertinent information.

  1. Address block
  2. This contains the address block of the people that are to be invited to the grand opening.

  3. Salutation line and first paragraph
  4. First compose the line greeting the customer, then leave an extra space, then write a short paragraph explaining who the grand opening is for and what is being celebrated.

  5. Middle body paragraph
  6. Outline the expected schedule to be followed. This is where possible catering is listed, as well as any guest speakers or anything of prominent interest. The last line should be the location or venue the grand opening is being held at.

  7. RSVP
  8. Remind the customer of the reason for the letter (the grand opening) and politely ask for a response or RSVP, which means respondez, si vou plaisin French. Ensure to include a phone number or email or another means for customers to contact for RSVP.

  9. Ending remarks
  10. End with a friendly and professional goodbye, such as sincerely, and leave enough space underneath to sign a name. Underneath that space, the title attached to the person signing the letter needs to written, such as Event Coordinator.