How to Word a Family Reunion Invitation?

word-family-reunion-invitation Credit: Terry Husebye/Stone/Getty Images

There is an endless array of ways for people to add wording to a family reunion invitation, including, "Please join us in celebrating the family." When creating the invitations, the writer should be clear and concise.

The first step in sending out reunion invitations is to gather the list of family members to send them to. The sender should also mail or give them out well in advance, so that people can make plans and have time to travel if necessary.

When creating the invitations, the event's organizers should make them fun and bold in order to draw the receiver's attention. They should list the place, the time and, if needed, what each person should bring with them.

The wording on the invitation can vary greatly and it is up to the writer, but it should be upbeat and inviting. An example is, "Come out and enjoy a day spent with family."

Other details of the reunion can also be included on the invitation, and if the sender wants to get creative, they can include a poem or quote pertaining to family. A picture of a group of family members at a past reunion is also a good thing to include on the invitation if possible.