How Do You Word a Birthday Invitation?

How Do You Word a Birthday Invitation?

While the exact wording for a birthday invitation varies by whose birthday it is, typical invitations focus on the age of the person having the birthday and the importance of the people being invited. Another factor affecting wording is whether it is written from a first- or third-person perspective.

A basic example for a young child's invitation is to express disbelief at how quickly he has grown, followed by the invitation itself and how old the child is. Such invitations can be made to sound more personal by using phrases such as "warmly invited."

Some invitations may involve rhyming to make the invitation memorable. An example is, "our child is turning one, come join us to have fun."

Other invitations for young children may be written in the first-person. In these invitations, the child declares how old she is and personally invites people to her birthday party.

One option for invitations is to blend practical information with promises of a fun party. For instance, an invitation may reassure guests that food will be served by promising "fun, food and frolicking."

Birthday invitations for older individuals might focus on the significance of how old they are. For example, an invitation to a grandmother's birthday party might emphasize that she has spent decades "spreading love and warmth," and it is now up to the invited guests to help her feel special.