How Do You Word a Baby Shower Thank-You Card?


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Thank you cards for baby showers should be sweet and simple. There is no required rubric for these cards, but no matter what you say, be sure to make it sincere and thoughtful.

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  1. Address the note

    Address the recipient of the thank you note by name to make the note more personal.

  2. Write the content

    Thank the addressee for taking the time to come to your baby shower. Tell her how much her presence meant to you. Next, thank her for the thoughtful gift and, if applicable, share how you plan to use the gift.

  3. Add a grateful closing

    Add a personal note, depending on your relationship with the recipient of the note. Thank her for being supportive, for being a part of your child's life or for her friendship. Mail the thank you notes as soon as possible after the baby shower.

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