How Do You Word a 50th Anniversary Party Invitation?

To word a 50th anniversary party invitation, start out with some interesting information about how the couple met each other and their journey towards matrimony. Also, include something regarding the historical significance of their marriage date and the details of the party.

Make interesting facts about how the couple met and got married the highlight of the party invitation. Write some words on how they happily lived through 50 wedded years. The words chosen to describe these facts can either evoke nostalgia or can have a humorous touch.

Additionally, use words such as "it was that time....," "back then...." and "in those days when...." to describe how the world was when the couple first met or got married. Include the date of wedding and touch upon the historical significance of the wedding date, month and/or year of the couple. End this fact with the words "and so (names of the couple) were married."

End the premise of the party invitation by describing how the couple wants to celebrate their accomplishment with everyone. Finally, mention the venue, date and time of the party. Also, request for all the invitees to send in an RSVP. It would be appropriate to include the names of the couple's children and grandchildren in the invitation.