What Are Some Wishes for Newborn Baby Girls?


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Wishes for newborn girls can include general wishes that the baby grow up to become a "wonderful young lady," or transform into an "amazing woman," says Greeting-Card-Messages.com.They can also be more specific, speaking to what the child will bring to the family, such as "sugar, spice and all things nice."

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What Are Some Wishes for Newborn Baby Girls?
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Wishes can be expressed in terms of certainty. One could say that the baby is sure to be the most "amazing and gorgeous part" of her parents' lives. Similarly, another expressed certainty could be that the baby will fill the parents' "hearts with love and smiles." One could state specifics with conviction about the baby girl, such as that her mother has a "new little helper" and that dad now has a little girl that he can spoil.

Parents can be told what to expect as another way of expressing a wishes for a happy and girlish childhood for the baby. This could be conveyed as one's life soon being filled with Barbie dolls, fairy dust, princesses and make-believe tea parties. Other feminine aspects of the baby's childhood could include princes on their white horses, fairy tales and stuffed animals.

One might wish a life fit for a princess for the baby, or state that one is certain that the baby will have that kind of upbringing.

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