What Are Some Wilton Wedding Cake Designs?

What Are Some Wilton Wedding Cake Designs?

Some Wilton wedding cake designs include the floral fondant ribbon wedding cake, garden terraces cake, daisy delicacy cake and floral finery cake. The floral fondant ribbon cake and garden terraces cake are rated at a medium-difficulty level, while the floral finery cake is rated as somewhat difficult and the daisy delicacy cake is rated as difficult.

The floral fondant ribbon wedding cake, also known as the Taking the Big Step Cake, uses the Floral Fantasy Fondant Imprint Mat, as well as brown, black, red-red and ivory icing colors. The cake can also be used for a birthday or wedding shower. It makes 200 servings.

The garden terraces cake is a 3-tier black-and-white cake with violet gum paste ruffled flowers positioned between each layer. This wedding cake serves 94 people.

The floral finery cake is a 3-tier cake designed to look like embossed pillows with tassels hanging off each corner of each layer. This cake design requires the use of the Wilton Pillow Pan Set, as well as the fondant tassel and bead techniques for the embossing effect. It makes 128 servings.

The daisy delicacy cake is a 3-tier cake linked by tailored tier separators, which are covered in fondant to match the cake. Each sky-blue tier is draped with white daisies, and the cake is displayed over a illuminated fountain base and is topped with a crystal topper. It makes 116 servings.