What Are Some Well Wishes to Send Someone for Their New Home?


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A poetic way to send well wishes for a new home is to express the desire that happiness comes knocking early at the person's or family's new door and then stays late, leaving in its footsteps a gift of blessings to come. A more straightforward approach is to state a list of positive things the person delivering the message hopes the movers find in the new place of residence, such as, "May laughter, happiness and love fill your new home."

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A humorous approach to wishing someone well in a new home is to joke about coming over to visit. An example is, "So, I know you're very busy with moving in and all, but just how soon until I can visit? Congratulations on the new home!" Another idea is to joke, "I hope your new neighbors aren't too terrible!"

Other people who live in the new neighborhood can offer well wishes welcoming the movers to the neighborhood. In the message, the neighbors can let the newcomers know they are welcome to ask any questions about the area or to drop by if they need any assistance settling into the new house. Neighbors can also let the newcomers know they are welcome by expressing how excited they are to learn more about them.

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