What Are Some Weird Celebrity Funerals?

What Are Some Weird Celebrity Funerals?

Weird celebrity funerals include the funerals of country music singer Jimmy Dean, bass singer Willie McCoy, novelist and journalist Hunter S. Thompson and Tupac Shakur. Other outlandish celebrity funerals include those of Muppet creator Jim Henson and Monty Python actor Graham Chapman.

Jimmy Dean died at the age of 81 and was buried in a 9-foot long granite piano that overlooks the river adjacent to his mausoleum. His epigraph reads "Here lies one hell of a man."

The television-watching public best knows of Willie McCoy as the distinctive bass vocalist who performed on a commercial jingle for the Chili's restaurant chain about baby back ribs. Upon his death, he had his body interred in a coffin customized to look like a barbecue smoker. McCoy's ceremony featured live pigs and a pastor wearing a chef's hat.

Hunter S. Thompson's remains were blasted out of a cannon placed atop a 153-foot tall tower built on his estate by actor Johnny Depp. Tupac Shakur's mother unexpectedly cancelled the rapper's funeral, but his friends gathered the ashes anyways and smoked them.

Jim Henson's funeral featured Muppeteers singing medleys of the puppeteer's favorite songs and closed with a Dixieland jazz band performance. Before his death, Henson forbade attendees from wearing the color black at the event.

At a private event held for Graham Chapman, John Cleese delivered a comedic and inappropriate eulogy for his deceased partner. His other crew members sent a wreath upon which the words "Stop us if we're getting too silly" were emblazoned.