What Are Some Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas?

What Are Some Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas?

Some ideas for wedding reception decorations include an entryway water feature that welcomes guests with the relaxing and refreshing sounds of trickling water, and strings of tiny white Christmas lights that brighten the room and add twinkling elegance. Container candles grouped in large numbers create a warm, romantic atmosphere, and fabric-covered chairs embellished with bows add sophisticated grandeur. Some other ideas for wedding reception decorations are a chalkboard backdrop, tissue paper pom-poms, paper lanterns, floating candle displays and fresh flower arrangements. Some couples use framed photographs to decorate their reception venue.

It is important to create aesthetic harmony between the style of the venue and the type of decorations. Take advantage of prominent room design features such as bare brick walls and vaulted ceilings, and decorate around them to retain the visual impact. An ornate ballroom with crystal chandeliers and gilded mirrors requires little decoration and is well-suited to simple designs with understated details. For rustic events, the wooden beams of a barn's interior harmonize with leafy green centerpieces and contrast beautifully with formal table settings.

A wedding reception theme provides the framework for developing a decorating scheme. Dinner tables dressed with crisp white tablecloths and embellished with snowflake lights, frosted pinecones and glittering silver table runners create the mood for a winter white wedding. Trailing greenery, tabletop fountains and centerpieces of brightly colored, potted blooms create a garden motif for a spring wedding. A theme generates a cohesive look and reflects the taste and personality of the bridal couple.

To make a chalkboard backdrop, use an oversized chalkboard to write and draw on. Some ideas include writing the bride and groom's names accompanied by theme-appropriate art, love quotes or a message to guests. Lean the chalkboard against a wall, and use it as a backdrop for taking pictures during the reception. Tissue pom-poms are easy to make at home. They are also available to purchase, usually for less than one dollar per pom-pom.

To create a floating candle display, partially fill bowls or wide vases with water. Place floating candles on the water's surface, and light them when it is time for the reception to begin. Place fresh flowers in between the candles for added effect. Fresh flower arrangements, on their own, also make great table centerpieces. Clusters of wildflowers placed in mason jars fit well with a rustic or country theme, while glass cylinders filled with lilies or roses add a nice touch for a more formal reception.

Framed photographs, usually of the bride and groom or their family members, can also work as centerpieces. Photos can also be displayed on shelves and walls, and they can even be hung suspended on strings or ribbons.