What Is a Wedding Prayer?


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A wedding prayer is a prayer, poem or special thought spoken during a wedding ceremony. The wedding prayer is typically spoken by the officiant, a close friend or family member who may fill an additional role in the wedding party.

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What Is a Wedding Prayer?
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The choice to include a wedding prayer and the presenter of the wedding prayer is a personal decision made by a couple when planning a wedding. Many wedding prayers are religious and maintain a focus on God uniting the two individuals in love. These prayers can typically be compromised of Bible verses or religious poems. If a nonreligious couple decides to include a wedding prayer, there are many opportunities to include a nonreligious poem that focuses on the love and joining of the two individuals and the goals of the couple.

When choosing the right wedding prayer, the couple considers a prayer or poem that demonstrates the love felt for one another and the dreams they share regarding the future. The couple can ask the individual responsible for presenting the prayer to choose a prayer that articulates the positive desires and well wishes for the future of the couple. These prayers can also include a blessing over the couple and for the journey they are beginning together.

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