What Is the Wedding Etiquette for an Elopement Announcement?


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Mail elopement announcements to friends and family immediately after returning from the honeymoon. Use wording that is simple and brief and include the first and last names of the couple, the good news that the private wedding has occurred and the date it took place.

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To make certain loved ones feel involved, newlyweds can email photos of the bride and groom at the private wedding a few days after sending the initial announcement in the mail. If possible, they should include photos taken during the wedding or at the special event destination. There should be no delay in elopement announcements, to avoid hurt feelings. Contact parents, siblings, close family members and friends as soon as possible. A phone call is more personal than mail or email and is the recommended way to announce the marriage to very close relatives and friends, along with a mailed announcement.

The newlyweds may consider having an after-elopement reception to celebrate their commitment. This is an opportunity to tell the story of the wedding in person without the stress and planning that goes along with a public ceremony. Just as in the case of the announcement, the reception should take place as soon as possible after the wedding.

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