What Are Some Wedding Decorating Ideas Using Tulle and the Ceiling?


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Some wedding decoration ideas using tulle and the ceiling include draping tulle from the center of the ceiling, hanging tulle strips across the ceiling, creating a false ceiling of tulle and creating a tulle canopy. Tulle colors that coordinate with the wedding theme are preferable.

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Long strips of tulle can be draped from the center of the ceiling to the corners. The tulle can be attached to the ceiling with push pins, thumbtacks, hooks, a glue gun or removable adhesive. The method of attaching tulle depends on what the venue allows.

Long strips of tulle can be hung side by side across the ceiling, or one large blanket of tulle can be hung from the ceiling to create the look of a false ceiling. Sections of tulle are sewn together to create one large piece that is double the area of the room. Small hooks are attached throughout the ceiling, and the tulle is attached to these hooks with thread loops sewn onto the fabric.

A tulle canopy decoration can be hung from the ceiling over an object, such as the bride's chair or the wedding cake table. The amount of tulle used is double the distance from the ceiling to the floor. The canopy is attached via wire to cup hooks in the ceiling, and the tulle is spread out to either side of the object below.

Decorative accents, such as silk flowers, ribbons or strings of lights, can be added throughout the tulle.

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