What Do You Wear to a Quinceanera?

The young woman honored at a quinceanera wears a ball gown, and her court dresses in gowns and tuxedos. The quinceanera may also wear or carry accessories, such as a tiara, a scepter and a cross or religious medal. Guests typically dress as for a wedding.

Typically, the invitation to a quinceanera includes information on the type of attire required at the event. For example, the invitation may say that the event is a formal event or it may say that the event is casual. When dressing for a quinceanera, one should wear attire that is weather appropriate and that matches the request on the invitation. If the invitation does not specify, guests should dress as if they are attending a wedding.

A quinceanera is a Mexican tradition celebrating a girl's 15th birthday. This special occasion welcomes a young woman into adulthood, allowing her to ceremonially say goodbye to her childhood. The young woman celebrating the occasion is referred to as the quinceanera, and traditionally, she wears a pink or white formal gown.

Quinceanera gowns are similar to bridesmaid dresses. There is a mass or church service at the heart of the tradition, followed by a party with the quinceanera, her family and friends.