What Are Some Ways to Say Thank You on Veteran's Day?


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Ways to say thank you on Veterans Day include sending a card or e-card thanking the veteran for serving or going to a Veterans Day event. Those that don't know a veteran can send a Veterans Day card to a military base or hospital.

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Thanking a veteran for serving, either in-person or with a card, is traditional on Veterans Day. The message doesn't need to be long, although the sender can write more if he knows the recipient well. He can choose a Veterans Day card or e-card if he doesn't know what to write. If he speaks to the veteran in person, he can ask about the veteran's service. However, he should stop asking these questions if the veteran becomes uncomfortable discussing it.

Many areas hold events, such as parades, to honor veterans on Veterans Day. By attending these events, people show their appreciation. Another option is making a donation to an organization that supports veterans. If a person wants to give back in a different way, he can volunteer at a military hospital or retirement home. Veterans at these locations may be lonely, and volunteering gives them more human contact.

Although a person can fly the flag at anytime, Veterans Day is a good day to fly it in support of veterans. Anyone flying the flag should learn flag rules to ensure he flies it correctly.

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