What Are Some Ways to Recycle Old Greeting Cards?

Some easy ways to recycle old greeting cards include turning them into gift tags, using them as notepad covers and making handmade postcards. Some other craft ideas involving cards include handmade mini puzzles, magnets, luminaries, baskets, ornaments and photo mats.

To make a gift tag out of an old greeting card, simply cut out pictures on the face of the card. Using a tag punch can make the job much faster. To make personalized tags, cut out the card in the shape of the recipient's initial. Greeting card images also make excellent decorations for handmade gift bags.

Handmade notepads are quick and easy to make. To create one, staple some scrap paper together and use the front of an old greeting card as the cover.

To make a postcard out of a greeting card, cut off the front part of the card. Divide the back into two sections for the address and postcard message.

Card puzzles make very easy craft projects. To transform an old greeting card into a puzzle, cut the front part of the card into pieces.

To make a luminary for a candle out of old cards, cut off the fronts of four greeting cards. Trim them down so that they are all the same size and stitch the sides together.