What Are Some Ways to Pay Tribute to a Special Mother?


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Some ways to pay tribute to a special mother are to spend time looking at the mother's old photographs, to give her something homemade, to take the mother shopping or to write the mother a toast about her good qualities. In addition, a tribute to a special mother might be to take her to a memorable music or theater event.

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Looking at old photographs with the mother can include copying the photos and placing them in a montage on a poster board. Family members can even sign the poster board if the person displays it at a birthday party or at another event for the mother. Hosting an event for the mother in which friends and family can join in the tribute is another way to honor the mother. She might also appreciate receiving a computer or Internet service to keep in touch with friends and family.

Other tributes include making something personal for the mother, such as a painting, a piece of pottery or an article of clothing. Taking her on a shopping trip or to a special concert is another way to show tribute. Surprising the person with a trip to her favorite restaurant or a restaurant that she has always wanted to visit is another honor.

In addition, a way to show tribute is to spend time with the mother such as by going to the movies or shopping for fun or for necessities. A way to show tribute with words is to take the time to write a statement about the person's significance to others. Words can include detailing the writer's appreciation for the mother and the mother's impact on others. The writer can deliver the words with a champagne toast or with juice or cider.

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