What Are Some Ways to Make Fog?


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To make fog, use dry ice in warm water or a mixture of carefully heated glycerin and water. For dry ice fog, add hot water to a 5-gallon bucket, filling it nearly to the brim. Place one piece of dry ice into the water using tongs and gloves for protection. To make the fog travel across a space, place a small fan on a low setting behind it. Gradually place fresh hot water and new ice in the bucket.

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To create fog using glycerin and water, mix one part glycerin for every three parts of distilled water to a bottle or pitcher. Take a 2-liter bottle and cut the opening plus 3 or 4 inches of the top of the bottle off. Tape the bottle onto the center of a pie plate with the spout facing up. Next, punch small holes into the bottom section of a coffee can and insert a three-wick candle into the can. Light the candle, and place the pie plate over the flame.

Measure 1 teaspoon of the glycerin mixture, and pour it into the soda bottle. As the candle heats up the mixture, dense fog pours out of the bottle opening. Add more mixture as needed, or replace the candle if it burns too low to heat the pie plate.

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