What Are Some of the Best Ways to Fold Napkins for Weddings?


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Some of the best ways to fold napkins for a wedding include the pyramid fold and the fan fold. A few other ideas are the ahoy fold and the goblet fold.

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To make a pyramid fold, start by laying the napkin flat in a diamond shape with the seams showing and then fold the napkin in half, creating a triangle shape. Fold the left and right corners of the triangle in to meet the top point. Turn the napkin over and fold it in half, creating another triangle shape. Then fold that triangle in half along the middle line, leaving the loose edges on the inside. Stand the napkin on a plate, using the two bottom sides of the triangle as a base resembling a pyramid.

To make a fan fold, lay the napkin flat in a square shape with seams showing and then fold it in half, laying the right side on the left. Fold pleats into the napkin one inch at a time from the bottom up, leaving the top third of the napkin flat. Fold the napkin in half again from the right side to the left and hold the pleats together by hand. Fold the top left corner of the napkin down diagonally, extending it beyond the rest of the napkin by one inch. Tuck the extended piece under the fold to make the base of the napkin and then release and fan out the pleats.

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