What Are Some Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving?

ways-decorate-thanksgiving Credit: iStock

Thanksgiving decorations can add the spirit of fall to a home, make friends and family feel welcome, and make Thanksgiving dinner more festive. From the centerpiece to the front porch, here are some creative ways to decorate a home for Thanksgiving.

Outdoor Decorations
Pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, and a Thanksgiving themed welcome mat can infuse a house’s front steps with a warm Thanksgiving spirit. Dressing up window ledges with mini pumpkins, corn, and other Thanksgiving decorations is an easy way to enhance a home’s exterior Thanksgiving decor. A wreath adorned with the warm reds and oranges of the season, small gourds, berries, ribbons, and ornamental corn can also add some holiday flavor to the entrance of a home.

The Family Room
Stocking up a family room or living room with warm blankets and extra firewood will make time spent in the family room with family and friends cozier as the days and nights cool down. Ceramic pumpkins used to decorate tables and shelves can be an elegant and playful addition to the decor of a family room, and wicker baskets filled with decorative pumpkins and gourds, corn, straw, and crisp fall leaves can also add warm accents to tables or shelves.

Table Decorations and Centerpieces
Centerpieces can be either large or small, eye-catching or subtle, simple or complex. A simple centerpiece can be composed of candles, mini pumpkins and decorative gourds arranged in the center of the table. For a more eye-catching centerpiece, consider adding a cornucopia, overflowing with seasonal gourds, berries, and fruits, to the table’s center. Napkins with festive fall images on them and dinnerware in the warm colors of fall will add the finishing touches.

Get Creative
Consider using unexpected materials to craft fall and Thanksgiving themed decor. Writing a Thanksgiving themed message on a blackboard and displaying it in an entryway, family room, or kitchen can add a festive spark to the home. Wooden wall art can also bring a rustic flair to any room, especially if placed next to a vase filled with wheat or autumn leaves. Using paper mache to wrap a pumpkin with vintage fall-themed scrapbook paper or wrapping paper can add an unexpected and sophisticated accent to a living room or entryway.

Personal Messages
Consider using decorations to display messages about the meaning of Thanksgiving. Listing reasons to be thankful on a whiteboard or blackboard, or hanging a banner with a Thanksgiving message like “Give Thanks” can add a personal touch to the holiday’s decor.

Recycle Materials
Repurposing items already in the home can make Thanksgiving decorations seem more natural. Candleholders can be used to display small pumpkins or gourds on a mantle, shelf, or table. Using old vases to display stems of berries or leaves can give a room an elegant, festive spirit.