What Are Some Ways to Decorate a Table for Thanksgiving?

ways-decorate-table-thanksgiving Credit: Rosemary Buffoni/Hermera/Getty Images

Decorating a table for a Thanksgiving meal can be elaborate or simple depending on the formality of the dinner; for more formal dinners, place cards, napkin holders, multiple coordinating plates and a full set of cutlery can be complemented by elaborate centerpieces featuring foliage, flowers, fruits and candles. Many Thanksgiving table settings make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables in addition to using darker colors associated with fall.

Pears, pumpkins, apples, assorted gourds and corn are all seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables that are commonly incorporated into Thanksgiving tablescapes. In many cases, these fruits and vegetables are used in their natural form, though handmade or store-bought artificial versions are also commonly used.