What Are Some Ways to Create Personalized Birthday Songs?


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Some ways to create personalized birthday songs include creating a simple song by playing three or four familiar chords from a piano or guitar and adding a simple melody over it, or taking a popular song and changing the lyrics to suit the birthday and the occasion. Use a song that has an instrumental track so you can sing your version over the music.

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Decide whether you want the song to be funny or sentimental. Some ideas for a funny song include singing about the funny things the person does or making fun of the age of the person. Some ideas for a sentimental song include singing about special memory or all the ways the person is an amazing friend, parent, sibling or partner.

Begin writing the lyrics to suit the chord structure or melody of the song. If you are rewording a popular song, use the same melody line, but change the majority of the words. Focus the chorus on the person's name or a refrain containing the words "happy birthday."

Once the words are completed, practice the song as many times as it takes to memorize your lyrics. Ask a friend or family member to listen to it and give feedback, or record one of your practice sessions. Make any necessary adjustments to create a song that you love. If desired, teach the chorus or parts of the song to some of the guests attending the party to make the moment even more special or funny.

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