What Is the Way to Plan a 50th Birthday Surprise Party?

To plan a 50th surprise birthday party, some things to consider are party budget, selecting the date and venue, finding an appropriate theme, making a guest list, determining when to send out the invitations, and choosing the food, decorations, party games and music. Because it is a surprise party, those throwing the party should also have a strategy for getting celebrant to their party, without tipping them off to the surprise.

A budget is important when planning a party. A milestone, such as a 50th birthday, can be celebrated in a simple or an extravagant fashion, depending on the allotted budget. After deciding on the party budget, the next step is to select a date, time and venue for the celebration. Additionally, when planning the menu, make a list of foods that the celebrant enjoys. Use this list to create party recipes and treats that everyone will enjoy.

When putting together a guest list, family members and friends who are important to the celebrant should be invited. Before sending out the invitations, choose the theme and let guests know if there are any special instructions regarding the theme. Themes can include an "over the hill'' or '70s disco party, however it is important to choose something that will be appreciated by the celebrant.