What Is the Way to Make a Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft?

What Is the Way to Make a Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft?

To make a Pilgrim hat craft for Thanksgiving, use a template to cut out the pieces of the hat and glue them together. It is best to use heavy colored paper to ensure the hat is sturdy and retains its shape.

A Pilgrim's Thanksgiving hat is a fun craft for kids to do to celebrate the holiday. Gather supplies including scissors, pencil, glue and heavy colored craft paper.

Step 1: Cut out the pieces

Use a template for the hat's pieces. Place the template onto colored paper and use the pencil to trace around the edges. While the hat can be any color, traditionally Pilgrim's hats were dark. A piece of yellow paper works well for the square buckle.

Step 2: Measure the headband

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the head of the person wearing the hat. Add 1 inch to allow for overlap, and cut a strip of paper for the headband.

Step 3: Assemble the hat

Glue the top of the hat to the brim, then fold up the brim set the headband into the fold. Glue the headband securely to the hat, and glue the ends of the headband together so it fits securely on the head. Finally, glue the belt buckle to the headband in the center front of the hat.