What Is a Video Funeral?


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A funeral video is a video montage or slide show shown at a funeral so family and friends can relive the memories of someone who recently passed away. Many funeral homes, as well as other independent contractors, make funeral videos to suit the wishes of the family.

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People typically make funeral videos using software commercially available for purchase by individuals or companies that specialize in this type of video. To make a funeral video, the individual creating the piece gathers videos and photographs of the deceased's life and arranges them using the funeral video software in a way that brings joy to the loved ones of the deceased. Funeral videos are commonly set to a musical arrangement, which can vary based on the taste of the family of the deceased or the wishes of the deceased prior to passing.

In modern times, many families choose to post funeral videos on YouTube.com as well. This makes viewing the funeral video convenient for the family and friends of the deceased who may not be able to make it to official funeral services. Fans of celebrities who pass away also frequently make tribute videos, which are similar to funeral videos, and post them in remembrance on the site.

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