What Are Some Valentine's Day Box Ideas for Girls?


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Decorated Valentine's Day box ideas for girls include creating a princess castle out of cardboard or a shoebox or gluing red and pink hearts to the top of a shoebox wrapped in white lace. A box in the shape of a mailbox decorated with hearts is also a unique idea.

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Parents can decorate Valentine's Day boxes for the animal lover by drawing a pink kitten with long, black whiskers on the top of a cardboard box or shoebox for a young girl. Crafters can also attach fuzzy, pink felt to make the box soft. Valentine's Day boxes can also bring out the sweet nature of little girls with a pink or red wrapped box with sweet tarts, jelly beans or chocolate candies glued to the top. Common Valentine's Day words and phrases, such as "love," "Be mine" or "You're sweet," can be spelled out with the candies on top of the box.

Girls can also decorate the box with stickers or drawings of favorite female cartoon or movie characters. Pictures of popular female cartoon heroes, such as the characters of the "Powerpuff Girls," "Dora the Explorer" or an animated movie, can be glued to the box with a slit in the top of the box to insert messages or cards.

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