What does "Will you be my valentine" really mean?


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The phrase, “Will you be my valentine?” does not symbolize asking someone to be in a steady commitment but means asking them to be a special friend for the day. This is why it is a tradition to give Valentine's Day cards to classmates and friends in school. Exchanging these gifts is not a symbol of furthering a relationship but the agreement to shower each other with gifts for that day.

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What does "Will you be my valentine" really mean?
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Valentine's Day is observed in the celebration of Saint Valentine. Although there were many saints with the name Valentine, the holiday is in celebration of the saint who was executed and buried on Feb. 14. His crime was helping and protecting Christians during a time when Roman Paganism was still going strong. One of his biggest crimes was performing wedding ceremonies for Christians. This is the reason why Saint Valentine is linked so heavily to romance.

Despite the fact that he was executed by Roman Pagans, he was later martyred by the Catholic Church in A.D. 270. One story told by the church about Saint Valentine is about him curing the daughter of his jailer from an illness. Saint Valentine left the jailer a farewell card that was signed, “from your Valentine.” Giving people Valentine's Day cards is a remembrance of this.

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