What Are Some Uses for Dry Ice on Halloween?


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Use dry ice to create a fogging effect in punch bowls, witch cauldrons and cocktail drinks for adult guests. Another way to use ice dry that is fun for both children and adults is to combine the gas from sublimating dry ice with a bubble solution to create fog-filled bubbles that resemble ghosts.

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To create fogging-cocktail drinks, witch cauldrons or punch bowls, first break the dry ice into appropriate-sized pieces using a hammer, and chisel while the dry ice is contained inside a large towel. One by one-inch cubes are an ideal size for dry ice going into cocktail drinks. Once the dry ice is broken up, use a set of tongs to place the dry ice inside the liquid. Before serving any drinks containing dry ice, warn guests not to ingest the dry ice cube. If children are being served dry ice beverages, wait until the dry ice has fully sublimated to avoid its ingestion.

To create fog-filled bubbles with dry ice, make a container equipped with tubing and two funnels to transfer the gas from the dry ice. First, remove the top off of a 2-liter bottle, and attach a funnel to both ends of a piece of plastic tubing. Once the container is ready, fill another small receptacle with bubble solution, fill the 2-liter bottle with warm water, and place dry ice inside to create fog. Place one funnel over the dry ice bottle and the other into the bubble solution to create a fog-filled bubble. Once the bubble is full, gently shake it off the funnel and onto a towel or glove-protected hand.

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