How Do You Use a Tree Flocking Kit?


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Flocking, or applying snow to a Christmas tree using a kit, requires that the tree be firmly placed in a stand. Take the tree outdoors and set it on a flat surface such as patio or driveway. Before flocking, use a protective face mask and safety goggles. For colored flocking, add food coloring to the water in the sprayer bottle. Refill the bottle for heavy coverage.

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You can also apply flocking by hand. Starting at the top of the tree, spray or brush the flocking evenly with an up and down motion and spray across the tops of branches, working your way down until you have a fresh-fallen snow look. It’s best to apply one coat and add more if needed. Add a light coat of glitter before the flocking dries to enhance the wintry effect. Allow it to dry completely before moving the tree indoors.

Flocking that comes in kits, usually consists of a flame-retardant material composed of cellulose, water, wax and a spray adhesive. Flocking as a Christmas tree tradition, began in 1940. The flocking was usually white, but pink and blue were also available. If you don't want to use a kit, you can make homemade flocking with a mix of soap flakes, starch and water. You can also use flocking as a festive touch on garlands, mantel decorations, wreaths and doorways.

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