How Do You Use a Newborn Baby Feeding Chart?


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The use of feeding charts for newborns varies depending upon the style of chart used. Whether using formula or breast milk to feed a newborn, Mayo Clinic recommends between eight and 12 feedings a day, which equals one feeding every two to three hours. Feeding times and durations are then marked on the style of chart chosen.

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How Do You Use a Newborn Baby Feeding Chart?
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Newborns often signal their hunger through crying or other vocalizations, and they signal satiation of hunger by closing their mouths or turning their head away from the bottle or nipple. However, medical experts recommend not waiting until your newborn cries to feed, but follow a schedule that allows for feeding once every eight to 12 hours.

Some parents and caregivers find feeding charts useful, especially if more than one person is responsible for feeding the newborn. On most premade charts, mark off the time when the newborn is fed, then add any additional necessary notes. Such notes could be the amount the newborn consumed, how long the feeding lasted and any behavior that seemed relevant at the time. Babycenter.com and Mayoclinic.org offer guidelines for feeding schedules, types and amounts, and once you have discussed your newborn's dietary needs with your health care provider, you should be able to determine which feeding schedule and chart works for you.

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