What Are Some Unique Wedding Theme Ideas?


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Some wedding theme ideas include beach, rustic and vintage. Each of these themes allows for a great deal of variation and flexibility in how they are set up for the married couple to add its own personal touch.

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What Are Some Unique Wedding Theme Ideas?
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A beach-themed wedding offers an ideal natural background for a romantic celebration. When the ceremony is going to be conducted on the shore, an altar, if one is wanted, should be kept simple and made from material that suits the setting. Other ideas to match the theme include having the bride wear a blue necklace or earrings, creating a signature beach cocktail for the celebration and providing beach blankets for guests.

A rustic ceremony includes details such as mason jars as centerpieces or drinking containers that help create a suitable mood. Mason jars can also be used as candle holders for an evening celebration. Favors for the guests may include flowers or old-fashioned keys and can be labeled with rustic tags to guide guests to their tables or for them to take home as mementos. Handmade, heart-shaped confetti can be used to end the celebration.

Vintage weddings utilize lace, burlap or wooden details to set the mood. Classic details, such as a "Just Married" sign on the vehicle taking the couple from the ceremony to the celebration, adds to the vintage appeal. A white-tiered wedding cake is also a classic touch to this type of theme.

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