What Are Some Unique Ways to Word Sweet 16 Invitations?


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Short poems are often used as a way to uniquely word sweet sixteen invitations. One example is: "Farewell to dollies, blankies and toys. Welcome to make-up, cell phones and boys!" from Invitation Consultants.

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The wording of sweet sixteen invitations often highlights the rite of passage out of childhood into womanhood. One invitation rhyme by Sassy Papers says, "The day has come to bid ado to pigtails, puppets and eating glue." Many examples mention high-heeled shoes and sixteen candles as traditional concepts of this transition.

Sweet sixteen invitations are most effective when prepared after deciding on a party theme, making a guest list and selecting a venue, advises Beau-coup Favors, Inc. This will ensure that the invitations are appropriate to the planned celebration. One sweet sixteen invitation from Sassy Papers reads “Sixteen and the City” to compliment a mocktail party motif. Invitations to formal parties include response cards that invite receivers to reserve their place on the guest list.

Sweet sixteen parties are mostly prevalent in the United States and Canada, but they originated in the English and French traditions of 17th century debutant parties, says Favor Creations. Sweet sixteen parties adopt themes that range from informal celebrations to polished, modern-day versions of the debutant tradition.

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