What Are Some Unique Ideas for Birth Announcements?


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Unique ideas for birth announcements include customized cards, edible chocolate arrangements and digital memory books. Distributing cookies or cigars is also an option, as well as posting a decorative sign for the entire neighborhood to see. Other ideas include personalized notes or sending framed pictures wrapped in customized wrapping paper.

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Customized cards can come in any color or design and typically include a picture of the newborn. Also included are the details of the baby's birth, like the date, time, weight, length and name. Cards with sounds can be sent; sounds can be anything from the baby's laugh to a recording of the heartbeat from one of the ultrasounds. Photographs can be manipulated to place the baby's face on a stuffed animal like a lion or teddy bear.

Edible chocolate arrangements are usually blue or pink themed depending on the sex of the baby and include the baby's name, birthdate and birth weight. Some chocolates may be shaped as bottles or baby booties. Cookies can be personalized with the baby's name and a picture of his first footprints. Cigars, a classic favorite, come in the traditional blue or pink and proudly proclaim the sex of the baby.

When announcing a baby's birth to the entire neighborhood, signs can be bought or constructed to sit in the parents' yard or hang from their fence. These signs are often storks or balloons announcing the name and sex of the baby.

Personalized notes often accompany small gifts after the baby is born, like a framed picture. It can be further customized by creating wrapping paper with the baby's picture, thank you messages or information about the newborn.

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