What Are Some Unique Halloween Costumes for College Students?


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Some unique Halloween costumes for college students are group costumes like dressing up as the cast of a favorite television show or as a theme like Alice in Wonderland. Individuals can go as a favorite food like an egg or a sushi roll.

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Group costumes are always popular in college and a unique theme is "Shark Week" where participants wear t-shirts depicting days of the week and make themselves up to look like shark bite victims. One member can dress as a shark. College students can also dress as a has-been music group or as related historical figures. A cute couple costume is Dora and Diego from the cartoon show "Dora the Explorer."

Individual college students can make distinctive costumes from items they may already have. To look like it is raining cats and dogs, sew stuffed animals to an outfit or to the top of an umbrella. To be "bad news," tape newspaper articles all over the body and wear a sign that says "bad." Wear pink clothing and a shawl or throw to be a "pig in a blanket." Add a pig snout, ears and tail to complete it.

If all else fails, dress up as the president of the college.

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