What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas for a Grandmother?

What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas for a Grandmother?

Some unique gift ideas for a grandmother include a pendant with the phrase, "I see myself in you," a personalized piece of art that includes representation of every family member and a letter book set for grandparent and grandchild. An adventure card deck that features experiences for grandparents and grandchildren in which to take part is another idea.

The letter book set, found at UncommonGoods.com, includes a set of 20 cards of shared activities for a grandparent and a grandchild. It is filled with personal prompts meant to create memories. After the letters are complete, place them in the book's secret pockets so they can be revisited and passed down through the generations.

Create personalized art featuring all of the members of a family engaging in an activity, such as paddling a canoe, as a gift for a grandmother.

A pendant with a phrase such as, "I see myself in you" is a way to share a sentiment for a grandmother who shares her features or spirit with her grandchild.

In the card activity set, the grandmother and the grandchild get their own sets of color-coordinated adventure decks with ideas for activities that may be silly or playfully scientific. Each card has a counterpart in the other person's deck and includes space to write comments, drawings or results.