What Are Some Unique Christmas Lawn Decorations?


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Some unique Christmas lawn decorations include tomato cage Christmas trees, lit Christmas presents, wood log luminaries and PVC pipe candy canes. Other good decorations include light orbs and fruit-filled birdbaths. To make the latter, arrange cranberries, oranges and mistletoe in the mouth of a stone birdbath to create a unique, colorful Christmas display. Wrap a strand of Christmas light around the base of the birdbath to make it more festive.

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Make lit Christmas presents for an outdoor display by tying a strand of lights to the inside of wire mesh bent into a box shape. Cover the wire mesh with sheets of chicken wire to create a box with sharp edges. Wrap the box with fabric, securing it with double-sided tape, and tie a festive bow around it. Place the present on the lawn close to a power source. Alternately, use a plastic box, and cut a hole in one side for an outdoor-safe light fixture or battery-powered candle. Tie waterproof fabric ribbon around the box, creating a bow on top.

Another option is to place unique Christmas light balls strategically throughout the lawn. Form the balls using wire mesh, and wrap multicolored Christmas lights around them. Yet another idea is purchasing frosted globes and placing them in a birdbath with evergreen boughs.

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