What Are Some Unique Bridal Shower Activity Ideas?


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Some unique ideas for bridal shower games and activities include creating a memory book for the bride-to-be, dividing into teams to play a wedding-themed version of Catchphrase, and a celebrity guessing game called Married or Not Married. These games help guests mingle and learn about the bride and groom.

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What Are Some Unique Bridal Shower Activity Ideas?
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To create a memory book for the bride, the host has guests fill out a card with wedding advice and best wishes for the bride, then has the bride pose for a photo with each guest. After the shower, the host can develop the photos and pair each with the guest's note to create a scrapbook the bride can keep forever.

Wedding Catchphrase is also a unique wedding shower activity that requires some preparation. Prior to the shower, the host should create, print and cut out cards with wedding-inspired catch phrases. Common phrases can be "to have and to hold," "bride & groom," "wedding bells," or "something blue." Guests are divided into two teams, and a timer is set for three minutes. The team that successfully gets through the most catch phrases before the timer runs out is the winner.

The host must create a list of celebrity couples before the shower to play Married or Not Married. Copies are made, and each guest receives one of the lists and a pen and is told to guess which celebrity couples are married and which are not. After everyone has made their guess, the host reads the answers out loud. The winner is the guest who gets the most correct answers.

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