What Are Some Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl?

Unique birthday gifts for teenage girls are chosen based on the girl's personality and passions, according to Gifts.com. They can include cameras, beauty products, art supplies, magazine subscriptions, unique jewelry, musical instruments or accessories, books and games. Real Simple suggests an assortment of nail polishes in this season's colors or designer calf-high socks to wear with her boots.

For a girl who is part of popular culture fandoms, choose gifts that reflect her passions, such as a guide to "Doctor Who" or a "Game of Thrones" board game. Girls with a passion for making things might appreciate how-to craft guides or kits. For teenage girls who love fashion, special perfumes, makeup kits or unique accessory bags are good gift choices.

Teenage girls who are driven to achieve often appreciate classic books, computer and tablet accessories, fitness trackers and cute desk accessories. Athletes are likely to enjoy high-tech workout gear, carrying cases and personalized water bottles. Those who follow particular sports can make good use of jerseys, t-shirts and hats representing their favorite teams and athletes.

Creative and artistic girls typically enjoy art supplies, body art, musical instruments or accessories and books and albums that give them inspiration for their own creations. Girls who love the outdoors and have a fun streak often appreciate games, cameras, camping or biking gear, or even a gigantic human-sized beach ball. Specially chosen jewelry or beautiful articles of clothing are appreciated by most teenage girls on their birthdays.