Do U.S. Cities Other Than New Orleans Have Mardi Gras Celebrations?

u-s-cities-other-new-orleans-mardi-gras-celebrations Credit: Buyenlarge/Archive Photos/Getty Images

While the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration may be the most famous in the country, there are many other cities in the United States that celebrate Mardi Gras, including Biloxi, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; and Pensacola, Florida. These Mardi Gras celebrations are among the oldest in the country, some of which may even predate the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.

Mardi Gras in the United States is typically celebrated in locations that tend to have a high current or historical concentration of French Catholic residents. However, in some locations, such as Portland, Oregon, Mardi Gras celebrations have been introduced during the 21st century by non-religious groups of people who come from places that traditionally celebrate Mardi Gras.