What Is Typically on a Wedding Program?

What Is Typically on a Wedding Program?

Items that are typically included on a wedding program are the names of the people getting married, the members of the wedding party and the ceremony itinerary. The ceremony itinerary includes the order of the events and the names of the readings and songs. Additionally, the people who are doing the readings or performing the songs should be listed. Programs may also include wordings to readings or songs.

The program also typically includes the date and location of the wedding. For religious ceremonies, programs may include descriptions of ethnic or religious traditions. Some couples list the officiate as well.

When listing the names of the people in the wedding party, brief biographies, or their relationships to the couple are also often listed.

Other items that some couples choose to put in the program are pictures of themselves or a brief description of how the couple met. Sometimes a meaningful quote is on the program as well. Couples may also choose to place a thank you to parents in the program. Memorial sentiments for loved ones who have died are also often a part of the program.

A map to the reception is also at times found in the wedding program. Sometimes people like to customize their program with a personalized stamp or sticker.