What Are the Best Types of Gifts for a 2-Year-Old?


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The best gifts for 2-year-olds include play kitchens with toy food and utensils. These toys encourage children to engage in play that allows them to express their creativity, according to Joyce Nuner, Ph.D, of Baylor University. Other good gift choices include scooters, easels, tool boxes, puzzles and books.

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What Are the Best Types of Gifts for a 2-Year-Old?
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A sit-down scooter is an ideal gift for a 2-year-old, as it teaches balance and increases the toddler's mobility. The toy can also help children who are scared of movement, since the toddler's feet are on the ground while she is moving.

An easel is another gift that a toddler may enjoy, since it encourages creative play and prompts the child to use her wrists and hands when making artwork, which can lead to good handwriting skills. A small library of books that feature characters the 2-year-old admires also makes a great gift. The illustrations are likely to appeal to the toddler, and books can instill a fondness for reading in the child.

A tool box encourages creative or real-life play. The child can learn about the function of each of the tools and help a parent "fix" an item around the house.

A themed puzzle with large pieces is another educational and enjoyable gift for a 2-year-old. The puzzle can reinforce certain concepts, such as types of colors or animals while improving the child's hand-eye coordination.

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