What Type of Sentiments Should a Retirement Card Express?


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Sentiments expressed in a retirement card include congratulations for reaching retirement, reflection about the person's time in his recent company, envy over his future plans, or retirement-related humor. One popular sentiment is expressing best wishes to the person as he begins a new chapter in his life.

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To write a well-worded retirement message, begin with an address line that uses the name, title or nickname you most often use when communicating with the person. Begin the message with a congratulatory statement. For example, if the person was at the same business for a long period of time, praise that milestone specifically. Keep this section to one or two sentences.

Make the message personal by including any anecdotes or memories that stand out in your working relationship with the person. If the message is for a family member or friend, mention how the person has inspired you through his work or determination. Next, mention that although the person's absence from the company is sad, you are excited for what he has in store for his future. Add touches of appropriate humor to any part of the message if the nature of your relationship allows for it.

End the card with one final congratulatory statement. Follow this with a simple closing, such as "sincerely" for a peer or "love" for a family member or friend. Finish with a signature.

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