What Type of Information Is Included in a Wedding Program Template?

Some information featured in a wedding program template includes the details of the ceremony, such as the date and location. The names of the bride and groom belong at the top of the program. Some other names to include are the maid of honor, the best man, the remaining wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom and the ceremony officiant.

Many programs include a list of the song titles used in the ceremony with the original author and any guest musicians next to the songs they perform. Some ceremonies include readings, so these programs mention what the readings are and who presents them. Following this, the program lists the schedule of the ceremony, such as the welcome, the vow exchange, the ring exchange and the presentation of the couple.

Some religious ceremonies follow a specific list of events, such as the Catholic wedding mass. Many churches provide a sample of the ceremony events to the couple for the program. It is up to the couple to include any extra information at the bottom or end of the program concerning the significance of any aspect of the ceremony. Some couples also include a section that thanks all who attended, or a message about any deceased family and how they are to be honored in the day's events.