What Type of Games Can You Play for a 9-Year-Old Child's Birthday Party?


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Some fun games to play at a birthday party for a 9-year-old include a beanbag toss, drama bag game and Limbo. These games are good for both boys and girls.

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What Type of Games Can You Play for a 9-Year-Old Child's Birthday Party?
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The beanbag toss requires a large cardboard box with a large hole cut in the top. Players can use real beanbags or plastic bags filled with newspaper or styrofoam beads. The object is for the players to toss the bag into the hole while standing a distance away. If a player misses the hole, that player is out. Whoever gets the bag through the hole the most times wins the game.

A drama bag is filled with ordinary items such as a comb, dress up pieces and household items. The players are divided into teams, and each team must create a skit or funny song about the birthday honoree using the items in the drama bag.

Limbo is a classic game for all ages. Two players hold a long stick such as a broomstick between them at about waist height. The remaining players form a line and must bend backwards to walk under the limbo stick without touching it. Any player who touches the stick is out. After the line goes under the stick once, the players holding the stick lower it. The line must go through again and again until only one player is left. That player is the winner.

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