Who Are the Twelfth Night Revelers of Mardi Gras?


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The Twelfth Night Revelers are a New Orleans Mardi Gras organization, or krewe, that holds an annual masquerade ball on January 6, which is also known as Twelfth Night, to mark the official beginning of the Carnival season. This is the second oldest krewe in New Orleans, having made its debut with a parade in 1870; this parade was the first known instance of the practice of throws, or trinkets such as beads and coins, being thrown to the parade audience. In 1876, The Twelfth Night Revelers became the first krewe to focus solely on throwing a dance, or ball, rather than putting on parades and hosting other celebrations.

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Who Are the Twelfth Night Revelers of Mardi Gras?
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In keeping with its trendsetting history, the Twelfth Night Revelers krewe also initiated the custom of selecting a krewe royal court, consisting of a king and queen, at their ball in 1871. At the time, the queen was selected from amongst the female guests when slices of king cake were handed around. The woman who found the golden bean, which in this case was a bean-shaped locket, was appointed queen. Many of the trends set by the Twelfth Night Revelers, particularly the trend of tossing throws to crowds and selecting royal courts from among the krewe, are still in practice today.

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