What Are Some Trivia Questions to Ask About New Year's Day?

Different traditions for ringing in the new year, foods and beverages served in different areas and the history of new year's celebrations are all fertile ground for trivia questions about New Year's Day. In fact, questions about Babylonians and early celebrations of the New Year make particularly good trivia. That the Babylonians celebrated the new year around the spring equinox with an 11-day festival starting about 6000 years ago is, literally, a great place to start with New Year's trivia.

Common New Year's Day trivia questions center on the different traditions around the world and their meanings. In the South, black-eyed peas symbolize coins and greens represent the color of money wished for in the New Year. Around the world, peas and beans of all sorts are thought to look like coins, and are thus symbolic of wealth in the New Year. The same holds true for spinach, cabbage and other greens as they are the color of money.

In the Philippines, spreading or throwing coins in the house at midnight and wearing polka dot patterned clothing are two symbolic ways to wish for prosperity in the New Year. Around the world, people use fireworks to usher in the New Year, or like Chinese thousands of years ago, to scare away evil spirits. Any of these things, their meanings and their history make for good New Year's trivia questions.