What Traditions Surround a Five-Year Wedding Anniversary?

Traditions that surround a five-year wedding anniversary include giving a gift made of wood or silverware. The traditional five-year anniversary gemstone is either pink tourmaline or sapphire. Colors associated with this anniversary include pink, turquoise and blue.

Wood is considered the traditional gift to give a loved one when celebrating a five-year anniversary. Wood symbolizes the strength of the couple's marriage bond. The gift should be long-lasting and strong, just like the marriage.

Those who aren't giving traditional gifts can give silverware as the modern equivalent to wood. Similar to traditional wood gifts, silverware is meant to be a reminder of the connection and longevity of the marriage. Silverware also symbolizes the connection that a couple has formed over the meals they have shared as a couple.

The daisy is the traditional flower given on five-year wedding anniversaries. The daisy represents many things, but in this case, it is said to represent loyal love, innocence and purity.

One way a couple can celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary is to plant a tree together. Each tree has its own symbolic meaning. For example, an oak tree is said to represent solidity. A pine tree, on the other hand, is said to represent the evergreen nature of the love that each person in the couple feels for the other.